Artist’s Statement

Painting and writing are the creative habits I engage in to explore my relationship to beauty, nature, and the world around me. Through painting, art making, and the written word, I form memory and connection to, and from, my experiences.

For me, painting is a form of meditation, contemplation and communion. I sit on one side of a sacred space and open my self to a spirit that infuses the expanse between the canvas and me. The first mark flows through a thread of destiny that informs the next mark, and the next, and the next. It is this dance between us that nourishes me and breathes life into the image that patiently waits to be complete. My final images represent the things that are most important to me.

As a visual artist I am touched and made whole by artists, most often women, who used painting, sculpting, photography and writing to ward off an unacknowledged, universal loneliness brought on by grief, depression, abandonment, social humiliation, domestic responsibility, war or simply being a woman in a patriarchal society.

Art making brings me into collaboration with those willing to share the intimacies of their own process and creation. Within existence’s unending frame, we make a space for our work together, and in it we gain an inspired relationship that gladdens us and those we are near.

Annis Karpenko is a visual artist living in Port Credit, Ontario and Quebec’s Eastern Townships. She holds a MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College in Vermont, a MEd in holistic education from the University of Toronto and a BA in theatre from Bishop’s University. 


One thought on “Artist’s Statement

  1. jwcurry

    hi, Annis.
    can’t find an E-mail address for you so i’m trying this.
    i just read & copied out yr poem The Perfect Yesterday, dedicated to Nelson & Barbara. i’ve been a publisher of various things since 1979 (see & would very much like to print this poem in an upcoming issue of 1cent, if that would be alright with you.
    please let me know at


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