Our Puny BonesĀ 2014, acrylic, mixed media on canvas, 36″ x 48″

This painting, among others, was inspired by poet/geologist Susan Ioannou who writes, “We are all part of a grand continuum. Further up the scale, Earth is a massive version of ourselves, running on macro time. It shifts, opens, breathes fire, and flows…. At the subatomic level, differences dissolve. In a universe of particle-waves, a mountain is as insubstantial as a blink.” *

by Susan Ioannou

Why fondle a rock?
It shares the rugged body
where we were born.

Our passionate shift and shove
mirror a moment
erupting in fire

slowed to eons’ crystalline trickle
thickening, building,
collapsing, melting.

Great ages echo and shiver,
playing themselves out
within our puny bones.

* Ioannou, S. (2007). Looking through stone: Poems about the earth. Sudbury, Ont: Your Scrivener Press. Kindle Edition (pg. 45)